Entrepreneurship and the Business of Robots

Yellow and grey colored robot holding a plant

Today's Guest: Byron Patching, Managing Director, Mushiny, Entrepreneur and Robotics Expert.

Lead Well Live Well presents another episode of "Authentic Conversations with Interesting Leaders."

In this exclusive interview, we engage with Byron Patching, the dynamic Managing Director of Mushiny and a visionary entrepreneur in robotics. 

Byron will share his insights and expertise on business strategies, logistics optimization, automation trends, and the transformative role of robotics in industry. 

Tune in as Byron will share some tips on how to create highly motivated and efficient teams, navigate the launch of a startup, and transition into new entrepreneurial chapters. Discover how to build a lasting legacy within your organization.

Learn more about Mushiny, the global leader in logistics robot intelligent systems, by visiting their website: www.mushiny.com

Connect with Byron on LinkedIn for more updates and insights:


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