Six Lessons from Cranial Surgery

Mark Bilton - After Cranial Surgery

This event didn't make it into my plan for 2024. I took this photo myself, which may say something about vanity and addiction to social media.

Two aneurysms were detected and fixed, so I now have titanium parts, a long scar and a survival story to tell. I'm very grateful that this was detected as the possible consequences are terminal. Truely blessed by this.

Thankful also to the wonderful team at Macquarie University Hospital led by the eminently capable Dr Nazih Assaad. 

If you want to loose a few facial wrinkles and a couple of kilos then cranial surgery is the way to go, although I wouldn't recommend it as a primary strategy.

I've been in recovery mode for a couple of months and have had only light working commitments, although I'm ramping up again as we speak. That has given me the are luxury of time to think, heal, contemplate and rest. So here are some of my insights.

Lesson One: Stay Open.
Whilst we make plans, hold them lightly as life can take twists and turns we don't expect. Embrace the changes.

Lesson Two: Be Mindful.
Enjoy the present, the journey and the small moments along the way. There is beauty in the pause.

Lesson Three: Love before Wealth
Relationship and committed connections with friends and loved ones, is more important than worldly success and financial reward.

Lesson Four: Align for Purpose
Work with, and for, only those who genuinely appreciate you and your skills and want to grow with you.

Lesson Five: Stay Healthy.
Commit to the foundational disciplines we all know; eat well, exercise, sleep deeply and stay connected socially. Get a check up regularly.

Lesson Six: Find Peace.
Whatever centres you, gives you peace, joy and a sense of fulfilment. Do more of that. For me that's moments with God and a walk with Him.

This photo is a couple of months old now and I'm healed and almost fully functional. I'm better each day and enjoying getting back to 'normal'.

Thanks for all the support, prayers, kind messages, gifts and calls. It's been touching, most appreciated and even at times, a tad overwhelming.


Kind regards,


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