Why Supply Chain Is No Longer Boring, But a Competitive Consideration

Supply chain person looking at containers to be exported

Welcome to Lead Well Live Well, where we dive into authentic conversations with influential leaders. In this episode, join us as we sit down with Peter Jones, Founder and Managing Director of Prological, a leading figure in supply chain expertise. Together, we explore why supply chain management has evolved into a critical competitive consideration, debunking the myth that it's just another mundane aspect of business operations. 

Join us as we discuss:  

➡️  The evolving role of supply chain in today's competitive landscape. 

➡️  Practical strategies for leveraging supply chain excellence as a business advantage. 

➡️ Insights into navigating challenges and seizing opportunities in supply chain management. 

Whether you're an aspiring leader, seasoned executive, or entrepreneur, this episode offers valuable insights that will provoke thought and inspire action in your own leadership journey. 

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